Why should I buy from you?

“Why should I buy from you?” Sound familiar. “We have been with ABC vendor for a long time, why should we buy from you?”

This is going to shock you now, but in a minute it will be easy. When a prospect asks, “Why should I buy from you?” your response is going to be, “Maybe you shouldn’t”. This will straighten up your prospect’s backbone. “Maybe you shouldn’t. Let me ask you a question. You must have brought that up for a reason Mr. or Mrs. Prospect. Can you tell me why?”

PROSPECT: OK, I was just wondering what you have?

SALESPERSON: Well, we have an awful lot of software.

PROSPECT: Is it better than what I currently have?

SALESPERSON: Is it better than everything you have? Probably not.

We are bonding right now. Until this prospect met me, he has not met a sales person who told them the truth yet. Everyone else is blue-skying. If you buy from most sales people these days, you will never have another problem. Back to the role-play.

PROSPECT: If I am going to drop ABC vendor, I want to make sure you are the real thing.

SALESPERSON: You shouldn’t do that. Switch from them after all this time and give them up completely? That’s high-risk. You don’t really know me. Look, nobody is perfect…not ABC Company…not us. If ABC Company could do one thing better, what would that be?

PROSPECT: I’d like to see more in the way of ‘X’.

SALESPERSON: I happen to know ABC Company. They do an excellent job with ‘X’.

Take that away from them. The prospect thought I was going to do what everyone else is doing…’if I can show you a way to do “X”, would you buy from me today? So, go the other way.

SALESPERSON: Anything else besides ‘X’ that you did not like?

As soon as the prospect starts to respond…interrupt them.

SALESPERSON: Wait, wait. Let’s talk about ‘X’. What’s wrong with ‘X’?

PROSPECT: We have not heard from ABC Company except when renewals are due.

SALESPERSON: Is that what you wanted ABC Company to do, not call except when renewals were due?

PROSPECT: I get the impression you are not too interested in earning our business.

So, there is a lot of bull**** going on here. This conversation is more the norm and the exception. This prospect is on his 97th question. Its going to take a little while to get pain. You know from your experience there is going to be a lot of this. Who is doing all the work now? Deals are won and lost in this pain step. Look at every deal you won or lost. Can you pinpoint why you won or lost either way? Did you have a feel for how much pain those companies were actually in?

SALESPERSON: How did you get that impression?

PROSPECT: Because you are not coming across as very positive. You are not telling me the things you can do for me. You are…

SALESPERSON: OK. So, I have two choices. Tell you the truth or blow smoke at you. Which one do you want?

PROSPECT: I want the truth.

SALESPERSON: I can’t help you.

PROSPECT: You tell me ABC Company is good.

SALESPERSON: They are good. How long have you been working with them?

PROSPECT: 7-years.

SALESPERSON: OK. Federal government ever come in and nail you for not being compliant?


SALESPERSON: Customer deliveries been OK?

PROSPECT: Yes. Late sometimes.

SALESPERSON: Ok, but not terrible.

PROSPECT: I just don’t feel that ABC Company gives me the TLC I would like.

SALESPERSON: OK. So when you told them that, what did they say?

PROSPECT: They said they would ‘try’. But I did not get the results I wanted.

SALESPERSON: So, what are you hoping I will do?

PROSPECT: Give me better results. Help us streamline the process between sales, accounting and supply chain. Help us reduce shrinkage. And be there for us when we need you.

SALESPERSON: Let’s pretend I can do all of that. What’s next?

PROSPECT: Then I would be interested in retaining your services.

SALESPERSON: What happened to the other 3 vendors you needed to talk to? Even if I can do everything you asked for and then some. Even if I was the best thing since sliced bread, it would not make any difference. You still have to go find those 3 other vendors. I think that is what I am hearing.

PROSPECT: You are hearing that.

SALESPERSON: So, if you were me what would you do?

All other sales courses teach you to handle stalls and objections. I don’t want you to handle stalls and objections. There is only one person who can handle stalls and objections. And that is the prospect. And the way to get the prospect to handle stalls and objections is to keep falling back and asking questions.

SALES PERSON: Are you doing all this so you can buy from the lowest bidder?


SALESPERSON: What else is going to influence you other than a low bid?

This is where the prospect is going to tell you how to sell them.

PROSPECT: I would like to know that your prices are comparable to everyone else. I will pay for quality service as long as its reasonable. I want to know you can deliver.

SALESPERSON:  ‘Deliver’ means?

PROSPECT: ‘Deliver’ means quality service, timeliness with emergencies, and you are looking out for my best interests.


PROSPECT: I would be happy with that.

SALESPERSON: Let’s say I did all that. What’s going to happen next?

PROSPECT: I’d hire you.

SALESPERSON: What about the other people?

PROSPECT: You answered all my needs.

SALESPERSON: So let me see if I have this straight…

Then you sum up the prospect’s presentation and get them committed to what they said they want you to do. Done.

Let’s have a dialogue