No pain. No gain.

Selling is about taking a prospect that did not think he/she needed what you have and letting him/her create the vision in their minds of already using what you have. You cannot convince the prospect of anything. That is not what selling is all about. Your job is to uncover pain and let the prospect identify the pain so they can’t blame it all on you. When they do, it’s your job to fix that pain to make them well enough. If you do this right, price will never be an option when making a sale. If people have enough pain, they will pay anything to get rid of it. Here is what prospects won’t do…they won’t pay for intellectual feedback. While people make decisions intellectually, they buy emotionally. People do not buy features and benefits. Can you believe it? All those years we have been told they do! Don’t you know…prospects wrote those books to get your product knowledge? That is called “unpaid consulting”. This is exactly what most of you are doing now. Unpaid consulting. Every time you open your mouth and talk to someone about your product, that is unpaid consulting. Like I said, people make decisions intellectually, they buy emotionally. They buy to avoid or to overcome pain. You can keep selling features and benefits, I will tell you what…you do not get paid enough to sell features and benefits. That is hard work. When prospects are in pain, if you just get out of the way, they will buy what you have and pay anything for it.

Let me hurt you some more. Credibility is not important. Credibility is not important when people are in enough pain. If you walked out of your house and got hit by a truck and you are lying in the street injured. Now here comes the ambulance. Some young kid pops out in a white uniform and runs over to you with a bag in his hand. Do you ask the kid, “hey, where did you get your training?” Or do you say, “PLEASE HELP ME!”

Your job is to identify a prospect, find their pain and try to show them how to get rid of it. If you do that, they will pay anything to do it.

Think about it in your home life. Plumbers and roofers know how to put people in pain instinctively. We have all had to deal with one or the other at some point. There is this patch up on the ceiling. The guy comes and takes a look at it and starts banging on the walls. “Are you planning on staying in this room long Sir? You don’t have anything valuable here d you? I would not leave them in this room.” The guy thought it was going to take $50 to fix the room, now he’s going to spend $3000.

What’s the bottom line in all this? I grew up with Dobermans. If you have one, then this will sound familiar to you. Dobermans have such bad reputations; it’s unfair. Every other guard dog will bark at you when you walk up to them. Dobermans will let you in the house without saying a word. The problem is, they won’t let you out. My Dobermans would lie down on the floor and let you rub their belly’s while they fall asleep. If you were nervous around them, they start making this strange noise. If you give off vibrations that you are uncomfortable with these dogs, they will pick it up. Whatever you are getting from your prospect, you are giving off. I promise you. If a prospect is nervous in an interview, you are nervous. After my first year in sales, I have never been in front of a lousy prospect. Never. When I go see a prospect, they roll out the red carpet, the bugle guys are playing, and every tells me they are glad I came. This is how I see my prospects.

The formula is simple. The first thing you have to do is find a prospect who is well. Someone who absolutely does not need what you have. All I want is a body to talk to. I know most of you don’t have this problem, but in sales, most people spend their time “getting ready”. For me, I don’t care if someone is in pain or not in pain. I just want to start telling my story to someone. As soon as I find this prospect, my job is to get the prospect to “hurt” and feel a little bit of “pain”. Once I do, I can get that person “sick”. If you have a headache, you just “hurt”. If you have a back ache, you “hurt”. Twisted ankle, “hurt”. If I can put all those “hurts” together, I can get you “sick”. If I can keep you “sick” long enough, you are on the “critical” list. See, you thought everything was fine when I showed up this morning. Now after 45 minutes you are a basket-case. Now my job is to make the prospect “well” again and cure them. This is the intellectual side of the formula.

People make decisions intellectually, they buy emotionally.

Go out and look at the car you are driving. A nice black car with nice seats. Seriously, 4-wheels and a speedometer is all we really need in a car…look at the cars we are driving today. Buying a car is an emotional decision. Don’t you know they run around the showroom and spray that “new car smell” in cars? Those cars sat down on the docks for 3-months, that new car smell is long gone by the time it gets to the showroom. Why do they do that? Because they know that’s what you like! They know you will kick the tires. They know what kind of horns to put on cars. You buy emotionally…therefore I have to get you emotionally involved.

Let’s have a dialogue