Frequently Asked Questions

How can Hang Ten Software help me?

Hang Ten Software provides research and tools to help you purchase your next ERP or CRM software system.

How can Hang Ten Software help me do research for my next ERP or CRM purchase?

Hang Ten Software is a single source to find professional software reviews, consumer ratings, buying tips, top 10 lists and more. Whether you’re looking for information on a specific system, comparing several systems, or just browsing, our research section has the information and tools you need.

How can you help me buy a new ERP or CRM system?

Hang Ten Software specializes in connecting you with authorized software partners who are willing to assist you with your purchase. At any time, while researching your next software system or simply browsing our site, click “Get A Quote” and complete our simple Purchase Request form to have an authorized software partner in your area contact you to assist you with your purchase.

Hundreds of shoppers a day use our service to find their next ERP and/or CRM system.

How can Hang Ten Software save me money?

Helping you become a knowledgeable shopper is one way we help you save money. Our research section provides software buying guides, money saving tips, and financial information including lease vs. own comparisons. You can also save by using our authorized software partner referral service. Simply, select click “Get A Quote” We will send off your completed Purchase Request form to authorized software partners in your area who will be willing to assist you with your software purchase. A local authorized software partner will contact you to provide you with more details.

Is your service free?

Our valuable research information, tools, and dealer referral services are free.

Does submitting a request obligate me to purchase or lease software?

No. Submitting a request does not obligate you to purchase or lease anything.

Can I cancel a request after it is submitted?

Yes. Our service depends on providing serious buyers to authorized partners. If your situation changes and you are no longer interested in being contacted by the referred software partner, please let us know by contacting customer service Nicole <at> We’ll forward the information on to the referred software partner and cancel your request. However, given the promptness with which we process requests, it is possible that you may still be contacted by a referred software partner before the partner is notified of your request to cancel your request.

Can I submit a request after I have visited an authorized partner?

Yes. Visiting with an authorized partner prior to submitting a request is no problem.

How do you provide a positive experience for customers?

Providing a great shopping experience for customers is the core part of our service. We are always improving our website by adding features and tools. We attempt to survey each consumer who submits a request several times throughout the software buying experience. We encourage your input, as it is important to providing feedback to the referred partners. If you require assistance or additional information, our Customer Service department is also available at Nicole <at>

What if I am not contacted by the authorized partner after one business day of submitting a request?

Normally the referred partners are very diligent about quickly contacting interested prospective enterprise software buyers. However, if you are not contacted after one business day, contact Nicole <at> and we will send a reminder to the partner on your behalf.

What do you do with information you collect about me?

This question is best answered by referring you to our Privacy Policy.

What do you do with information you collect about me?

This question is best answered by referring you to our Privacy Policy.

How can I stop receiving emails?

To opt out of a category of email from us, click on the remove link at the bottom of the email. Alternatively, you may email Customer Service at Nicole <at> with the word “Remove” in the subject line, and we will remove you from all further email marketing communication within five (5) business days.

How do I contact Customer Service?

Customer Service can be reached by email at Nicole <at>