Back In The Old Days

Back in the old days, sales reps went out and gave the traditional sales presentation. You jumped up and down. You stamped your feet. You rolled on the floor. You gave what is affectionately known as “dog n’ pony” shows. Unfortunately we still see some of that even today. Back in those days, you gave the sales presentation and then you closed for the order. Then you handle stalls and objections and then you closed again. And finally when this was all over, both you and the prospect were wiped out. Sometimes you and the prospect needed a day to recuperate. This is the caveman approach.

There is no need to sell this way anymore.

Back 40-years ago or so, traditional sales programs changed things a little bit. Basically they still wanted you to give sales presentations. They still wanted you to close. They still wanted you to handle stalls and objections…and they still wanted you to be enthusiastic! And they gave it a twist…they wanted you to “ask questions” rather than give presentations. And that was the first time salespeople started to really worry about what their prospect wanted.

The reason for a selling system, as opposed to just “winging it”. The reason why we have systems and enjoy using systems, is because if you really know the system you are using then you never have to think about it. You can sit back and just watch every move your prospective client makes because you don’t have to be thinking ahead as to what you are going to say next; or what technique you are going to use. This is the reason why you learn a system.

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