About Us

This is the true story of Hang Ten Software. We are “two guys and a gal” that have been working together since the previous century and are still friends today. Collectively, the three of us have been on the enterprise software selling side of the equation since 1994. Over the years we noticed quite a few flaws in how you, the enterprise software buyer, were able to find what they were looking for. Conversely, there are a ton of really good implementation partners out there that you have never heard of.

So, it was time to create a marketplace where enterprise software buyers could discover all of their enterprise software options before making such an important investment. Clearly, we were onto something because over 4,300 companies have already used HangTenSoftware.com for FREE.

Enterprise software people, like us, are always thinking about how to help businesses run more efficiently. Whether you are looking for a point-of-sale, job-costing, distribution, sales & marketing, manufacturing, or core financials – Hang Ten Software has your back.

Yes, we have a clever domain. And yes, we have created a fun yet serious culture where we all love coming to work in the morning. In the end, the purpose of Hang Ten Software is to help you answer the question, “How can I make my business run better?”

You have already taken that all important first step in answering that question by reading this. The next step is right here.

Questions? Send us a direct message.